Monty Python

Terrence Graham Perry Jones

Date of birth: 1. February 1942

Place of birth: Colwyn Bay, N-Wales

Date of birth: You'll have to ask him

Height: 173 cm (fifth tallest Python member)

Sexual preference: Female, to the best of my knowledge

Spouse: Alison Telfer (1970-present)

Children: Daughter, Sally (1974) and son, Bill (1976)

Siblings: Brother, Nigel (1940)

Hobbies: Comedy and The Goons

Education: English at Oxford

Personal quote: [On the death of Graham Chapman] I thought it was in terribly bad taste for him to die when he did.

Terry Jones has written, directed and acted in many movies. He has written movies such as The unsteady cough (2004), Medieval lives (2004), Asterix and Obelix vs. Caesar (1999), Wind in the willows (1996), The Crusades (1995), Erik the Viking (1989, it was based on a children’s book by Jones), Consuming passions (1988) and tv series such as Ripping yarns (1976, he wrote it with Michael Palin), Complete and utter history of Britain (1969, which he also wrote with Palin), Broaden your mind (1968) and Do not adjust your set (1967). He has acted in movies like The unsteady cough (2004), Green card fever (2003), The boy in darkness (2000), Wind in the willows (1996), Erik the Viking (1989), The Crimson permanent assurance (1983), Jabberwocky (1977), and Mermaid Frolics (1977). Besides the Monty Python movies he has directed Educating tips no. 41: choosing a really expensive school (2003), The BFI London signature film (1999), The wind in the willows (1996), Erik the Viking (1989), Personal services (1987) and the tv series The young Indiana Jones chronicles (1992).


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