Monty Python

Michael Edward Palin

Date of birth: 5. May 1943

Place of birth: Yorkshire, UK

Date of death: Not any time soon, I think

Height: 175 cm (fourth tallest Python member)

Sexual preference: Female, or so he says

Spouse: Helen Gibbins (1966-present)

Children: 2 sons and 1 daughter. Thomas (1969), William (1971) and Rachel (1975)

Favourite football team: Sheffield Wednesday Football Club

Education: History degree fron Oxford

Personal quote: [about the death of Graham Chapman]He always regarded death as highly overrated and could never understand why anybody made such a fuss about it.

Michael Palin is mainly known for acting and writing. He has acted in many movies made by the other Monty Python members such as Education tips no. 41: choosing a really expensive school (2003), Fierce creatures (1997), A fish called Wanda (1988), Brazil (1985), Time bandits (1981), The Rutles (1978) and Jabberwocky (1977). He has also acted in movies without the other Monty Python members such as The willows in winter (1996), The missionary (1982), A private function (1984) and in tv series like Tracey Ullman: a class act (1992), G.B.H. (1991), Complete and utter history of Britain (1969) and Do not adjust your set (1967). He has written many tv series like Himalaya (2004), The best of two Ronnies (2004), Sahara (2002), Full circle with Michael Palin (1997), Pole to pole (1933), Around the world in 80 days (1989), Complete and utter history of Britain and Adjust your set. He has also written movies like Hemingway adventure (1999) and American friends (1991). He composed many songs for the Monty Python’s Flying Circus and also for the Monty Python’s movies. He has produced one movie; The missionary in 1982. He has appeared in Saturday night live many times.


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