Monty Python

Graham Arthur Chapman

Date of birth: 8. January 1941, 8:30 AM

Place of birth: Leicester, UK

Date of death: 4. October 1989

Cause of death: Thoat and spinal cancer

Height: 188 cm (second tallest Python member)

Sexual preference: Male

Partner: David Sherlock

Children: Adopted runaway, John Tomiczek

Education: Medicine at Cambridge

Personal quote: I hope I will have achieved something lasting.

Graham Chapman mainly wrote and acted in movies. He wrote for example the movies Jake’s journey (1988), Opinions (1984), Yellowbeard (1983, it got bad reviews), The odd job (1978), The magnificent seven deadly sins (1971) and the tv series Doctor on the go (1975), The prince of Denmark (1974), The doctor in charge (1972), Now look here (1971) and Doctor in the house (1969, he wrote it with John Cleese). He acted in movies such as Stage fright (1989), Jake’s journey (1988), Yellowbeard (1983), The crimson permanent assurance (1983), The odd job (1978) and How to irritate people (1968).
He produced two movies, Love potion (1987) and The odd job (1978). He last appeared on film in the Iron maiden music video Can I play with madness in 1988.


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